How to improve the performance of computer playing games

In terms of game performance, it is definitely best to improve in all aspects, that is, to use the best accessories, but this is not realistic. To be realistic, there are mainly the following aspects:

CPU and Graphics Card
These two big pieces actually have a turning point, that is, whether they can meet the needs of a game. Take a game as an example. If the CPU graphics card does not meet the basic configuration requirements of the game, it can almost be said that there is no way to play. At this time, if the U and display are changed, the improvement will be a leap; on the contrary, if it can be achieved, then the improvement brought by continuing to improve these two big pieces is not so obvious. For example, using 2080ti to play LOL is not as good as using 1066 fps.

Memory Stick
First of all capacity. Take the game of eating chicken, 8G can play, but just open a game is almost 7G, there is a reason that the computer will start to freeze when the memory is occupied by more than 80%, and then the performance will be reduced. Therefore, the memory size should be 4G more than the game you want to play, and the best choice is 2 times the daily use-value. It is best to use 16G for chicken. Secondly, talk about the channel. I have read an evaluation, and you can understand it when I write it down. Except for the memory size and channel, all other conditions are the same. 2×4G 105 frames, 1×8G 86 frames, 2×8G 112 frames, 4× 8G 109 frames. Obviously, dual-channel with the same capacity is a huge improvement over single-channel. As for why it is also dual-channel, 4×8 is lower than 2×8. I can’t explain this. The last is the memory frequency. The memory frequency is actually not particularly affected. Between 2400, 2666, and 3200, the number of frames reflected in the game is only five or six. This can only be said that if you have money, you can do it. Available. In summary, the most important thing about memory sticks is capacity and dual-channel.

Hard Disk
The reading speed of an ordinary mechanical hard disk is about 130MB/s, the reading speed of an ordinary SATA interface solid-state hard disk is about 500MB/s, the NVME solid-state reading speed of M.2 interface is mostly 1500-3500MB/s, open games and read files, In fact, it is the reading process, so it will also affect the game experience. As for whether you can use M.2, it depends on whether your motherboard has a corresponding interface.

Power Supply
Simply put, the power supply is enough, but enough does not mean that it only needs to reach the sum of the theoretical maximum power consumption values ​​of all accessories. For example, the recommended power supply for the rx5700xt graphics card is 650w, but even on 3700x, and the CPU graphics card dual overclocking, the power consumption cannot reach 650. The reason is that the power consumption of the graphics card is actually not a stable value, but fluctuates. For a simple example, the power consumption is 300 in one second and 100 in the next second. On average, the power consumption in these two seconds is 200. The so-called power consumption of the graphics card is this average value. Therefore, even with a 5700xt of 200 watts, the instantaneous power consumption may reach 600, so the official recommended power consumption is 650 instead of 500. If there is a flash in the middle, your computer shuts down, or the power supply burns out, it happens that you are fighting in the finals, then GG, so I said that the power supply can actually be regarded as an improvement in-game performance.

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