How To Prepare PMP ITTOs Tricks to Master ITTO Questions

ITTO questions often seem mostly fearful and hard for most of the PMP candidates. People can not easily deal with ITTO questions and struggle with them a lot. But they are not that frightening and hard to deal with. If you can follow some tricks and techniques while dealing with ITTO questions, it would seem easier to you for sure.

ITTO normally refers to inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs required for the PMBOK guide book's processes. But when PMP candidates deal with this ITTO, it describes all the 49 processes available in the PMBOK book.

Furthermore, it relates all the project management processes for PMP candidates. The PMBOK book itself contains several charts and tables to narrate the relationship of ITTO with the PMP exam or the PMP process as well. It helps the practitioners as well as the PMP candidates to know about ITTO in detail.

How To Prepare PMP ITTOs?
Most of the candidates often struggle with this ITTO spreadsheet while preparing for the PMP exam. In order to understand ITTO clearly, you must need to take help from the PMBOK guide book. ITTO basically deals with the relationships among the processes.

The authors of the PMBOK Guide finds it often boring for the readers to deal with the texts always. For making variations, they have added lots of tables and charts in the book. These tables and figures are the best tools to understand the ITTO process relationships.

The book explicitly provides three unique figures specially designed to illustrate the project management process and groups and their knowledge areas. You can read those figures carefully to identify and understand the tools and techniques related to PMP as well as ITTO.

Tricks To Master ITTO Questions
In order to deal with the ITTO based questions in the PMP exam, you have to use some tricks and techniques. Here go such tricks to master the ITTO based questions in the PMP exam:

Understanding the Main Objectives
At the very beginning, you must thoroughly understand the main objectives and purpose of any process. A process contains several primary and secondary objectives. But apart from the secondary ones, you have to focus on the primary objectives. If you identify the primary objectives and purpose of the process clearly, it would be easier for you to deal with that ITTO question.

Identifying Main Inputs and Outputs
Inputs and outputs are two important parts of the ITTO questions. To handle such questions, you have to identify the main inputs and outputs of the ITTO. You have to deal with the inputs specially unhandled by the process team and the outputs that complete the primary objectives' purpose. Each and every process possesses one or more than one inputs but one output only.

Project Management Mapping
All the processes, meaning all 49 processes of the PMBOK guide, contain project management mapping or flow charts for project management information. What you need to do is identify your process's place in the project management mapping.

You should also have proper knowledge of which process remains under which information flow. It will help you to enhance your understanding of ITTO.

Finding out Limitations
Every process possesses some limitations in the case of choosing inputs and outputs. You have to gain a clear idea of the limitations of different processes. And most importantly, you have to find out the limitations related to the inputs and outputs of the process you are dealing with.

Once you can identify your process's inputs and outputs that can not be transformed, you have to change your requests for the inputs and outputs. Thus, your ITTO process will seem easier to you.

Several Tools and Techniques
Finally, you have to learn about the influential ITTO tools and techniques required to deal with the PMP process. There are mostly two types of ITTO tools and techniques for PMP- specific tools and techniques for process knowledge areas, and another is commonly used T&T groups for various processes.

If you learn about these tools and techniques thoroughly, you could smoothly solve the ITTO questions as you know when and where to apply those tools and techniques.

So, we sum up our discussion here. Hopefully, you have learned several necessary details about how to prepare PMP ITTOs and the tricks to master ITTO questions. The tricks will help you to deal with the ITTO questions easily in the PMP exam and make your preparation more solid.

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