Linksys WIFI Extender Setup Configuration

The Linksys Wireless Range Extender lets you repeat every access point or router's wireless signal to provide Internet service via a wired or wireless network in hard-to-reach places. This paper will instruct you on how to customize your wireless range extender manually.

Making sure that you've done the following before you begin:

1. Identify the wireless settings of the router/access point as:

  • Name of the wireless network (SSID)
  • Wireless Channel
  • Wireless login or network/security key

To learn how to use the Linksys cloud account to verify or adjust configurations for your wireless network, click here. Click here if your router has a classic web-based configuration screen.

2. Range extender reset - Click and hold the Reset button at the top of the range extender panel for five (5) seconds or until the LED begins flickering to recover its default factory settings.

Using an Ethernet cable, attach your device to your range extender's Ethernet socket.

NOTE: Depending on the type of system or range extender you are using, photos can differ. A RE2000 is used in this case.

Plugin the control outlet with your range extender. Making sure it is safe with the LED lamps.

Open a web browser and type the Internet address of your router or in the address bar. To learn how to search your Linksys Router's IP address, click here.

NOTE: If the default start-up web page on your browser is specified by your device, the dialog box asking for a username and password would appear automatically.

A dialog calling for a username and password prompts you. Leave the User Name blank and in the Password area, type 'admin' and then press Log I

Tap Wireless > Settings for Simple Wireless.

Set the radio button to Manual, then enter the network name of your router (SSID).

Pick the protection settings in the Wireless Security segment that fit the setup of your router. Then press Save Settings and insert your Passphrase or WEP Key.

WPA2/Mixed Configuration WPA

Private from WPA or Personal from WPA2

Fast TIP: Using WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption on your router and range extender is suggested for maximum Wireless-N efficiency.
Unplug the router's control cables and the range extender for 30 seconds. Next, plug the router in. Wait until all the lights are clear and then the range extender is plugged in.

You can now get your range extender compatible with your router.

Fast TIP: To make sure your extender is installed successfully, enter the DHCP table of your router and verify whether the range extender with its IP address is specified there. Using a wireless device, ping the extender and see whether you can get answers from it. Click here to learn how to verify gadgets that are attached to your router via the DHCP table. Click here for guidance on how to run a ping test on your Linksys appliance.

Your network extension

There are also several gadgets available on the market today, in addition to the range extenders, that can help you expand your local network, either wired or wirelessly, such as switches, access points, wireless bridges, etc. You can select whatever of these items suits your needs exactly. To read more about them.

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