Which monitor will work great with a GTX 1650 super

You know what they say, a good display makes or breaks your gaming experience. You cannot enjoy your gaming visuals to the fullest, until you game on a monitor, which provides the smooth display. A GPU is necessary for high-end graphics support. But if you don’t have a good monitor, the graphics and frame rates pumped out form your hardware, cannot be enjoyed completely. A good monitor can complement the graphics support in the best way. So, if you have the power of NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU, then we are going to tell you the best gaming monitor, to support this hardware and enjoy your gaming visuals to the fullest.

Lenovo ThinkVision P27u
If you are a hardcore gamer than Lenovo ThinkVision P27u is a must-have monitor, for your gaming dungeon. It provides you the perfect visuals for gaming every single time. This 27 inches monitor can give you the resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, on its IPS display. The narrow bezel gives you more screen to body ratio, with the aspect ratio of 16:9.

Razor Sharp Visuals:
Watching movies or playing games on this monitor surely is a treat. The colours are vivid and sharp, whereas the overall picture quality is just breath-taking. It has the brightness level of 350cd/m2, which means it can produce brightest images, which are completely visible even in the sunlight or in the well-lit rooms. The contrast ratio is a whopping 1000:1, which lets you enjoy the perfect color saturation, with the brightest whites and the deepest darks. The abandoned areas in your Resident Evil games will never look the same again.

Smooth Graphics:
If you are sick of the slow gameplay of your favorite Need for Speed game or Fifa, then have no worry. This monitor has the refresh rate of 60Hz, which provides the smooth as silk graphics. The in-game characters seem to come alive, whereas the overall feel of the open world games is mesmerising. It has the response time of 4ms. The quick response time makes sure you get the crystal clear graphics, absolutely free from motion blur and input lag. It is safe to say that this monitor is made while the gaming freaks kept in mind.

This monitor is equipped with USB Type-C port, which lets you connect your devices with this monitor, for your different needs. It also has a DisplayPort and HDMI, to connect your gaming desktop or gaming console with it, in a carefree manner. With the Display Port, you can achieve the multiple displays for your viewing pleasures.

Comfortable Viewing:
The stand of this monitor gives you freedom to tilt, pivot, and swivel options, so you can adjust the display to enjoy the visuals, in the most comfortable way you please. Plus, you can view this screen, on both landscape and portrait modes.

Game On!!
Well, this was the review of ThinkVision P27u, and it is safe to say that it is the best low price monitor for gaming. You get the perfect partner for your gaming hardware with this monitor, to take your gaming experience to the next level. The colours are great, graphics display is smooth, and it lets you view the visuals, at any angle that you please. What more could you want from a gaming monitor? So, if you still have not made your mind then what are you waiting for. Get this monitor or go to the laptop outlet and choose from a wide range of cool gaming monitors.

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