SEO value How to make journalists work best for your website

The gap between search engine optimization (SEO) and that of public relations (PR) is reducing with each passing day. Actually, nowadays a lot of SEO companies double up as PR agents of many small business organizations. This is because links (or rather referrals) from high-authority news websites have proved to be extremely precious in terms of providing SEO value to the receiver.

So, how do you approach journalists or news portals to achieve this objective?

Ways to grab press attention
Here are some of the ways that can help you to bask in the glory of the press to promote your website well online :

Build relationships Don’t barge into the lives of the scribes (journalists) if you’ve never got the opportunity to interact with them online or otherwise. So, the basic rule here is to get yourself introduced to the media through various social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn and get engaged with them whenever possible.

Have proofed Your story shouldn’t sound as if you are contemplating. Rather, it should have some supporting facts so that journalists can coax their editors to get them published. Usually, reporters don’t need extensive data, instead, some basic sales figure or a briefcase study may be more than enough. In this case, you mustn’t ignore or subdue the value of your business information and market trends. These will help you to lend an intriguing factor to your story, thereby increasing its press value Stardew Valley Farm Names.

Propose genuine stories Not a single reporter will ever be interested in your story if you can’t come up with actual news or stories. These professionals won’t give you publicity for free. Here, you need to have real-life events to share or provide the journalists with information you’ve collected through an extensive study on your niche subject. Moreover, give an interesting aspect to the story you are trying to publish on the news websites.

Contact writers Another factor you need to consider while trying to promote your website in a news portal is to decide the most appropriate writer for your story. Evaluate whether a lifestyle writer, tech journalist or fashion specialist would be the right person for the job. So, ensure that you don’t end up wasting your time or theirs by negotiating with the person who doesn’t work in your niche. For that reason, you need to go through the previous blog posts or articles, if you are uncertain about a reporter’s domain expertise.

Look for the opportune time to pitch your story in front of the media. If your story is not time-sensitive, then wait for the most suitable time to get in touch with a journalist for the same.

The most common options are adding affiliate programs or ad networks onto your blog but here are some other creative ways that can help you monetize your blog.

You need to make sure that this transition doesn’t happen in a way that surprises your readers and that you always offer a good enough incentive for people to subscribe.

Make sure that if you are going to go with this option you are fully committed to building your blog into something that truly offers quality content for the readers.

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